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Class Descriptions

amrita yoga

The amrita style of yoga is a form of vinyasa yoga with influences from Ayurveda, physical therapy, neuroscience, yoga philosophy and psychology, pranayama, and mindfulness. The amrita yoga style emphasizes the bio-mechanics of alignment, anatomy, kinesiology, and rehabilitative processes.

amrita yoga is taught in alignment with the rhythms of nature. Ayurveda teaches that our yoga practice should be in harmony with the changing of the seasons as well as the time of day (and your life cycle). We teach to support these natural cycles.

amrita yoga surya
These dynamic classes focus on practices that energize, cleanse, promote vitality, build stamina, strength, and resilience. We include sun salutations, vinyasa (vigorous at times), standing poses, arm balances, backbends, and inversions. Students are guided in seasonally-appropriate pranayama practices. Classes will include mindfulness tools and meditation.

amrita yoga chandra
This class is great for students who are new to yoga, as well as students who want to reconnect with the basics. In class, we explore beginning poses, alignment principles, and building awareness. The class pace is more reflective. Mindfulness and breathing are woven throughout the practice. Self-study and self-reflection prompts are offered.

amrita yoga surya Level 2-3
For intermediate to advanced students. Asana will include sun salutations, vinyasa, standing poses, independent inversions, arm balances, intermediate backbends, and seated poses that prepare students for meditation. Two years of consistent asana practice recommended.

Adaptive Yoga
A chair-based practice for students needing to maintain strength and flexibility, develop breath capacity, and cultivate the relaxation response for soothing the systems of the body. Ideal for students with Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Also suitable from those recovering from injury, surgery, or whiplash.

Yoga & Strength Conditioning
A combination of traditional yoga poses and conditioning exercise using exercise balls and thera-bands. Designed for specific conditioning of the stabilizing joints in the body to support rehabilitation from injury and cross-training for athletic pursuits.

Bo Yoga®
Bo Yoga® blends the best of yoga, qigong and meditation using a unique prop called a Balance Bar. Bo Yoga is safe, adaptive, gentle and most effective for those over 50 or with some physical challenges. Within just a few weeks of classes, you will be able to do the things you enjoy with less pain, stress or risk. With regular practice you can expect greater strength and flexibility, more energy, a clearer mind and the confidence of knowing how to bring yourself into balance.

Lunchtime Yoga: Nourish yourself with mid-day yoga, myofacial therapy, breathwork, mindfulness.

Aerial Yoga: Using suspended silks. Small class sizes. Purposeful explorations + deep nourishment. Taught by trained Aerial Yoga Teachers. Coming soon.  

Hatha Yoga: Mobilize all the joints of the body, increase vitality, breath, awareness + relaxation.  Hatha Yoga is offered with Live Music on Wednesday + Saturday.

Yoga Lab Level 2: For teachers and dedicated students. This class provides a depth of philosophy, structure, + methdology. The practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation are designed for experienced students.

Yoga Lab All Levels: Focused topics waeving together philosophy, structure, and methdology; asana, mindfulness and pranayama.


We invite you to attend an amrita yoga class, explore learning with a new teacher, or bring a friend to your favorite class!

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