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Resonant Essence: Transformational Practices for the Voice & The Art of Raga Singing


“You are in the Sound and the Sound is in You” ~TPandit Pran Nath (1918-1996)


The Vedas teach that sound is the basis of all spirituality. As a result, music is considered the most important of the art forms and with the human body as the instrument of expression, vocal music is of greatest relevance.

When we journey into resonant essence, we explore refining and cultivating our voice by learning and practicing a series of extremely rare, beautiful and potent voice cultivation, transformational sound techniques, and vibrational practices. The practice entices a brain trance in effective and deeply moving ways from the very first note.

Yoga is a vast and deep breadth of practices that bring on awakening. In singing, we deepen awareness and understanding of the concepts of Nada Brahma and Nada Yoga, learning how to feel sound in the body, how to move sound in the body, and how to use sound to support healing physical and emotional trauma.

Our journey also helps us to learn or refine how to sing with a drone; how to refine and identify pitch; develop, refine and rediscover how to listen and most importantly discover the sound of our true voices. Our vocal yoga is accompanied by the esteemed grand Goddess of musical instruments, the tambura. It will open your heart and voice. You can expect joy as a primary response!

Michael’s recording, “Deva Loka” is available through Bandcamp.

Michael Stirling is a disciple of the late master of Indian classical vocal music Pandit Pran Nath (1918–1996). After his Guru’s passing he began study and practice with Nathji’s senior American student, the renowned composer and performer Maestro Terry Riley (1935-). Michael has accompanied Pandit Pran Nath and Mr. Riley in classes and concerts in California, at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, at the dhargha of Sufi Hazarat Inayat Khan in New Delhi, at Diggi Palace in Jaipur, and elsewhere. He has also studied and preformed with the great Kirana vocalist Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan of Calcutta. Among many extraordinary performance opportunities, Michael has had the honor of singing at Shri Krishna Janmashtam Bhoomi, the temple at the birthplace of Lord Krishna in Mathura, India, and accompanying Ravi Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Brandee Younger,and others as part of the Portland Jazz Festival’s Universal Consciousness event honoring the legacy of John and Alice Coltrane. He is currently on the faculty of Lewis & ClarkCollege teaching Hindustani classical vocal music, and also teaches through the Daya Foundation as well as offering private instruction. Michael has served on the Board of Directors of Kalakendra Society for the Performing Arts of India, Living Yoga, and Tarabuq Arts, which supports the Qawwali music ensemble Fanna Fi Allah. His recent recordings include Deva Loka (Mississippi Records / Bandcamp) and Aakash with Matt Carlson and Doug Theriault (Root Strata). Facebook: Michael Stirling: Cascadia Khyal

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