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Yoga in Hospitals

Yoga in Hospitals

Legacy Emanuel
Many of our students at Legacy Emanuel are living at or below the poverty line. They struggle with multiple chronic health issues that are challenging due to lack of resources including obesity, diabetes, and depression. Many students carry with them trauma histories due to generations of poverty. Yoga helps them to manage their pain, regain strength, and be in community with others who experience similar challenges.

Legacy Good Samaritan
At Legacy Good Samaritan, we offer programs within their Pain Management Clinic. All of our students suffer from chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, lupus, and arthritis. The practice of yoga helps them to interrupt the pain cycle with brain training exercises, mindful movement, breathing practices, and meditation.

If you are interested in working with us, send us an email via our contact page.


“Yoga helped me get my strength back after the operation and chemotherapy.”

“We encourage and support each other.”

“I feel much better physically and mentally after doing yoga class.”

“Yoga helped my arthritis and I have less pain and greater ability to move my body.”

“We all are very glad this health opportunity is here for us.”

 “I have had to have two knees replaced and yoga has helped me in the rehabilitation process.”

“We all have found it amazing that one single health practice has done so much to improve our health overall!”