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Experience the joy of being a part of DAYA Foundation’s community of work-trade students. Our work-trade students serve our studio and students and contributes greatly to the function and beauty of our studio. Work-trade students receive yoga classes in exchange for their work at our front desk, cleaning the studio, or other special projects. If you are in need of financial assistance (and you don’t qualify for our Medical Scholarship program) then you may be a perfect fit to join our work-trade community. We take preference to persons who are already practicing at our studio, who are positive, courteous and customer-focused as well as detail-oriented. Work might include: stocking, preparing the studio for class, opening at the beginning of the day, closing at the end of the day, light cleaning, flyering, shopping, and most importantly – creating a sacred, inclusive space for all yogis who enter.

Next Step: Apply

Fill out a Work-Trade Application or email erin@dayafoundation.org. We’ll be in touch with you within a few days!

Work-Trade Opportunities

Front Desk Host for Classes, Workshops, and/or Dharma Talks
For this position you are the friendly face of DAYA welcoming students to a class/workshop/dharma talk.  Other hosting duties generally include preparing the studio for class/workshop/dharma talk, coordination with the teacher, greeting and orienting students, retail necessary).  Time management, communication skills, and resourcefulness are good tools to have for this position.  We understand that you won’t have all the answers but you are a key liaison between the students and DAYA staff.  Hosts will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to class and stay after class (no more than 30 minutes) if needed.  For consistency, we ask that the work-trade staff be host the same class every week.  A host may participate in the class/dharma talk for free, or attend the workshop at a discounted price.

Community Flyiering/Postering
Ideally, this task is completed on a weekly basis and generally involves a work-trade staff posting flyers for our events and workshops in the community.  It is important that the locations be visited on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure that our posters are not outdated.  The poster locations can near your work or home.  A great opportunity to bike or otherwise explore the city.  If you are a work-trade staff, each hour of cleaning earns you a free class.

Studio Care/Cleaning
Clean the studios after morning classes in preparation for afternoon and evening classes.  Examples of tasks include steam mopping the studio, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, dusting, blowing up exercise balls, etc.  We ask that you commit to at least one hour per week at a regular time.  If you are a work-trade staff, each hour of cleaning earns you a free class.

Special Projects
Special projects are usually short term, focused tasks. The DAYA Foundation needs your help to keep our storage area organized, setting up for special events, maintaining the garden, painting, etc. This is an “as needed” position. If you are a work-trade staff, each hour of work earns you a free class.

Support the DAYA Foundation through small repair and maintenance jobs. Tasks may include cleaning gutters, changing air/heat filters, small projects and general maintenance of studio. This is an “as needed” position. If you are a work-trade staff, each hour of work earns you a free class.

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