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Workshops are short, one or two day events focusing on a wide variety of yoga and yoga related topics.

Series are 3 – 12 session offerings focusing on specific issues, topics, and aspects of the practice, for which we encourage you to register for the full session.

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Aerial Yoga Classes!

November 9, 2017 @ 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Aerial Yoga with Kapu Dancel and Pamela Olzman

Aerial Yoga Foundations: This 60-minute class is a great practice for those new to Aerial Yoga or for those looking to fine tune the fundamentals. Aerial Yoga Foundations will help students build body awareness, confidence and familiarity with the aerial hammock at hip-height. Students will learn proper alignment and placement cues, with a focus on breaking down postures and transitions into detailed steps. In this class, you can expect to work on full inversions (getting upside down!). However, in comparison to Aerial Yoga All-Levels, this class moves at a slower pace with a focus on acclimating to a new type of movement and relationship to gravity. For those completely new to Aerial Yoga and/or inversions, we recommend taking this class a few times before entering an all-levels class. If you have any questions of concerns, you are encouraged to speak to the Instructor.

Aerial Yoga All-Levels:
In this 75-minute class, students will be led through a hip-height Aerial Yoga practice. This class is an active practice and will include at least 3 full inversions, with a posture focus for each class. A variety of variations will be included throughout the practice to accommodate students’ level and ability. All-levels is a playful practice with an emphasis on building strength and confidence with (and in) the hammock. If you are unsure if you are ready for All-Levels, feel free to consult with an Instructor. Regardless of your level or ability, you are always welcome to come and practice what you feel able to do! All-levels class is meant to be safe place where each student can grow in their own Aerial Yoga practice.


“To start, let me just say Kapu is a wonderful instructor. She is calm, mindful but also not afraid to push more seasoned students to new levels. Every class with Kapu is an adventure. There is some, but not a lot of repeat in her classes. As a student, this forces you to be present and listen, which I love. I find Kapu’s classes fun, relaxing and challenging all at once. By the end of a session, I have a sense of calm focus, which allows me to move easily into the next phase of the day.”
– Kim Ferrill

“I find that I look forward to each class. Kapu is able to interpret the aerial practice in a new way so that I am forced to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Her classes are fun and at the end she always offers light massage during savasana to those who want it. I always want it. I highly recommend her class.”
– Dina Dickerson