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Mission & Vision


To deliver accessible yoga alternatives in the form of public and agency-based yoga classes, yoga therapy interventions for anxiety, depression and addiction, and adaptive yoga programs for those with medical conditions that require medically-sensitive yoga. We teach the tools that build each student’s essential life skills toolkit and that empower them to make a difference.


The DAYA Foundation vision is to:

  • Deliver Accessible Yoga Alternatives to those challenged by the financial constraints of living on disability, overwhelmed by medical bills or health care costs, or those for whom a household budget can not readily include the costs of “regular” yoga classes.
  • Deliver Accessible Yoga Alternatives to institutions, centers, organizations, or facilities that have the capacity to address the public health concerns of all of our community members. We partner with organizations to deliver these services to their community members. We’re particularly interested in those agencies that support the vulnerable, marginalized, isolated, or under-served members of our community.
  • Deliver Accessible Yoga Alternatives to those struggling with addiction, anxiety, or depression.
  • Deliver Accessible Yoga Alternatives by providing ongoing training for allied health professionals to study the arts of asana, pranayama, mindfulness, meditation and the psychology of yoga to incorporate into their existing professional practice. Being on the frontier of the field of yoga therapy, we will also endeavor to train qualified yoga teachers to integrate the tools of yoga therapy into their teaching or their private practice. Additionally, we’ll train laypersons who are interested in bringing yoga and yoga therapy to students via our outreach programs.
  • We see ourselves as participating on the front line of an ever-growing social justice movement: the movement toward a socially just community in which all members have access to the life tools that would enable them to thrive.

The DAYA Foundation is founded on these essential principles:

  • Yoga teaches fundamental life skills.
  • These life skills transform our mental and physical health.
  • These life skills make us better individuals, family members, and community members.
  • All members of our community deserve access to the life-enhancing practices of yoga.
  • All members of our community have something to teach us about life, human suffering, and human potential.
  • When community is created, healing happens, for it re-knits our experience of belonging.

If you would like to learn about becoming a member of our Annual Sponsorship Program to ensure the ongoing delivery of accessible yoga alternatives, click here.