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DAYA: translates as mercy or compassion; and Delivering Accessible Yoga Alternatives. The DAYA Foundation was founded by Sarahjoy Marsh and Jay Gregory who envisioned a vibrant center for yoga therapy, mindfulness, and the integration of East and West, Mind and Body, contemplative and active processes. The DAYA Foundation was formed to support humans to develop, recover, evolve, and transform. We provide education and therapeutic interventions to encourage psychological and physical integration and well-being. Founded on the strength of amrita: a sanctuary for yoga, Sarahjoy’s yoga center of 12 years, the DAYA Foundation specializes in Delivering Accessible Yoga Alternatives through its on site programs: amrita yoga, adaptive yoga, yoga and strength conditioning, yoga and addiction, and mindfulness and yoga programs.


Portland's only non-profit yoga studio.

Your decision to practice here makes a profound difference in the lives of all those we serve.

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